Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Services

Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Services

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Medical Team with ICU Facilities Charter Air and Train Ambulance Services from Delhi

Medivic Aviation provides doctors services emergency medical evacuations via chartered airplanes, commercial jetliners and helicopters both within Delhi/NCR in India as well as the take it easy of the world with Medical facilities.

Our Doctors and Paramedics staff is well-qualified professionals, trained medical to manage patients in the most difficult of situations, and execute well-organized and coordinated bed-to-bed transfers from Delhi/NCR to any hospital. Our emergency medical air ambulance services range from the transport of ill patients on life support, to providing medically trained paramedical staff on charter aircraft commercial flights for otherwise stable patients Commercial airline repatriation and transport is also available from Delhi to any other hospital with medical facilities.


Should You Require Emergency Air transport From Delhi & All Over India

Book/Call +91-9560123309 us an online request call on our 24X7 hours to schedule a medical evacuation. Your request/call will be without delay forwarded to a medical professional who will make an assessment of the ill patient’s condition based on a brief medical history then transfer air ambulance services in Delhi to any hospital all over India and  international. In many cases the patient’s treating doctor will also have to be consulted and then shift the any hospital .The transport options and the details of the process will be communicated with you. Medivic Aviation offer doctor or nurse accompanies the patient throughout the transfer. Our medical services is the best medical facilities at very low cost and modern hi-tech ICU,CCU,NICU with top doctors team and well qualified paramedical staff. Our air and train ambulance facilities all over India and global with doctors facilities and same medical emergency Charter air ambulance services in Patna, Bihar, so you need then contact immediately.

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